3 Skeins or Less - Fresh Knitted Accessories by Tanis Gray

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By Tanis Gray

A choice of enjoyable knitting projects--all in 3 skeins or less!

In three Skeins or much less: clean Knitted add-ons, knitters will locate 25 add-ons that take not more than 1, 2, or three skeins of yarn. they're going to appreciate knitting styles for ever-so-popular shawls, socks, hats/berets, mittens, cowls, or even a tank, cropped sweater, and cami!

Featured designers contain Ann Weaver, Carina Spencer, Heather Zoppetti, Romi Hill, and so on. Their designs characteristic sew styles that opt for attention-grabbing colour mixtures, unforeseen trend twists, and additional sparkle.

3 Skeins or much less: clean Knitted add-ons is the right publication for knitters eager to make presents for any celebration. The yarns selected are an outstanding stability of gorgeous hand-dyes and massive manufacturers, permitting you to maintain a watch in your finances or locate the correct use for necessary skeins of designated yarns.

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Pm and join, being careful not to twist the sts. For hat without edging, skip to rnd 1 of body. Rnd 1: *K1, YO, K2, sl l, K2tog, psso, K2, YO, K1; rep from * around. Rnd 2 and all even-numbered rnds: Knit. Rnd 3: *K2, YO, K1, sl l, K2tog, psso, K1, YO, K2; rep from * around. Rnd 5: *K3, YO, sl l, K2tog, psso, YO, K3; rep from * around. Rnd 7: *K3, YO, ssk, K4; rep from * around. Rnd 8: Knit. Rep rnds 1–8 once (twice) more; on rnd 8, knit YOs through the back, twisting to close hole. BODY OF HAT Knit 1 rnd, inc 4 sts spaced evenly—112 sts.

Thread through rem sts. Fasten off. THUMB PU 5 sts from CO sts above thumb opening, knit 9 sts from holder—14 sts. Pm for beg of rnd. Knit every rnd until thumb measures 2". Next rnd: *K2tog; rep from * around—7 sts. Cut yarn. Thread through rem sts. Fasten off. FINISHING Weave in ends. Scars may heal, blood counts may normalize, years may pass. But never again will the simple act of waking up to a normal, boring day as a healthy individual be taken for granted, nor go unappreciated. ~Unknown Delicious Fingerless Gloves The cuff is knit from side to side using garter-stitch short rows.

Rnd 4: *K1, purl to marker; rep from * around. Cut CC. Join MC. Rnd 5: *K1, YO, knit to marker, YO, sl marker; rep from * around—62-98-62-98 sts per side plus 1 st at each corner. Rnd 6: Knit. Rnd 7: *K1, YO, knit to marker, YO, sl marker; rep from * around—64-100-64-100 sts per side plus 1 st at each corner. Rnd 8: *K1, (K2, YO, K2tog) to next marker; rep from * around. Rnd 9: *K1, YO, knit to marker, YO, sl marker; rep from * around—66-102-66-102 sts per side plus 1 st at each corner. Rnd 10: Knit.

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