A Borsuk-Ulam Theorem for compact Lie group actions by Biasi C., de Mattos D.

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By Biasi C., de Mattos D.

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The Isomorphism Problem in Coxeter Groups

The booklet is the 1st to provide a accomplished review of the ideas and instruments at the moment getting used within the learn of combinatorial difficulties in Coxeter teams. it truly is self-contained, and obtainable even to complicated undergraduate scholars of arithmetic. the first objective of the booklet is to focus on approximations to the tough isomorphism challenge in Coxeter teams.

Introduction to Arithmetic Groups

This e-book offers a gradual advent to the examine of mathematics subgroups of semisimple Lie teams. which means the objective is to appreciate the gang SL(n,Z) and sure of its subgroups. one of the significant effects mentioned within the later chapters are the Mostow tension Theorem, the Margulis Superrigidity Theorem, Ratner's Theorems, and the type of mathematics subgroups of classical teams.

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