A Coleridge Chronology (Author Chronologies Series) by Valerie Purton

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By Valerie Purton

An in depth chronological account of the lifetime of Samuel Taylor Coleridge equipped up from modern files together with the letters and journals of the author and of his friends and family. Maps, a genealogy and an in depth index increase the textual content and there are over fifty biographical sketches of the Coleridge circle. The development of the writer's schooling, studying, friendships and highbrow pursuits is thoroughly adumbrated and the e-book offers a wealthy history to the genesis of the literary paintings.

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3 (Wed) Mrs Evans gives in to pressure from William Strutt (the children's legal guardian) and drops the plan to engage STC, though they remain on good terms and she invites him to return at once to Darley. She also sends Mrs C £95 for baby clothes. (mid) STC and Mrs Evans visit Matlock and Dovedale for a week. 17 Dr Crompton visits STC in Darley and offers to help him open a day school in Derby. STC provisionally agrees but is free to change his mind if something better turns up. 19 On his way home from Derby, via Burton and Lichfield, STC visits Thomas Hawkes in Moseley near Birmingham.

August During this month STC visits his half-sister Mrs Phillips at Tiverton and his mother at Ottery. He does not enjoy their company, nor that of his brothers, and tells George that the Devon visit has 'annihilated whatever tender ideas' he had preserved of the place. 24 (Fri) He writes to George from Ottery (in Latin) that their mother complains about her poor health more than usual. The letter is full of gossip about local people, suggesting that he must have kept in touch with them during his years at school.

18? A letter arrives from Mrs C, broken-hearted at the loss of Berkeley. STC is shaken but still determined to stay. 20 or 21 The WWs visit STC in Gottingen. They are eager to return home and urge STC to return with them. They are disappointed that he will not consider leaving Poole in Stowey: they want to settle again in the Lake District and hope that he will move to be near them. 23 STC replies to Mrs C: he must stay longer to finish the book on Lessing and save the family from debt. He sends her the poem later published as 'Something Childish'.

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