A Cop's Tale. NYPD The Violent Years by Jim O'Neil,Mel Fazzino

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By Jim O'Neil,Mel Fazzino

A Cop's story makes a speciality of manhattan City's such a lot violent and corrupt years, the 1960's to early 1980's. Jim O'Neil - a former NYPD cop - can provide an extraordinary examine the logo of legislation enforcement that ended Frank Lucas' grip at the Harlem drug exchange, his cracking open of the Black Liberation military case, and his adventure because the first cop at the scene on the "Dog Day Afternoon" financial institution theft.

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The laughing stopped and he headed off in search of his unit. We moved on without a thought as to who was dead or alive on the other side of the door. Shortly after that Jimmy and Davy managed to get caught on film. The picture showed two looters running, their shirts in tatters and fear deeply imprinted on their faces, looking back at the two pursuing cops. Jimmy’s nightstick was on a downward arc inches from making contact with the head of one of the suspects. Good thing they didn’t get Davy’s axe handle in the picture.

Some guy was standing at the end of the bar, with his back to the door, yelling obscenities at the bartender. One of the monster cops slowly walked into the bar and came up behind the screamer, balled his hand into an enormous fist, and brought it down on top of the guy’s head in a pile driver-like motion. The guy’s knees buckled and he crashed to the floor unconscious. The cop waved to the bartender and exited the bar. ” The three of them got back in the car and drove off. I got the hell out of there myself, not wanting to get involved in what was sure to be a lengthy write-up about a questionable police action.

We found the guy lying next to a large pile of bricks with a bullet right between his eyes; we all cheered. Shortly after we got there Inspector Codd arrived and joined us around the body. ” “Um . . ” “Good job, Jimmy. E. ” Turning to the sergeant, he said, “Assign an officer to stay with Jimmy, and tell him to bring some sandwiches and beers for the both of them. ” It would turn out to be the only death officially listed as occurring during the riots. The rash of floaters pulled out of the waters surrounding Manhattan, in the weeks following the end of the riots, was obviously a very large coincidence.

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