Abdominal Pedicle Flaps To The Hand & Forearm by John C. Kelleher

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By John C. Kelleher

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35-47-52, 1982 Barwick, W. : The Free Scapular Flap. Plast. And Reconstr. , 69:779-785, 1982 Boyes, J. , Bunnell’s Surgery of the Hand. Ed. 4, pp. , J. B. Lippincott, 1964. Braithwaite, Fenton: Preliminary Observations on the Vascular Channels in the Tube Pedicles. British Jour. Plast. : Flaps Old and New. J. , 6:1, 1981 Cannon, Bradford and Murray, J. : Reflections on Skin Grafting and Hand Repairs. J. Am. Med. , 200:663-668, 1967 Daniel, R. K. and Weiland, A. : Free Tissue Transfers for Upper Extremity Reconstruction.

The flap was raised based superiorly measuring 19 cm wide by 10 cm long. 2E Stage II. Primary delay. Three weeks later. The previously designed plastic sheet pattern of the proposed pedicle was laid over the stem of the flap to determine the amount of flap that would need to be carried. The delay divided two-thirds of the flap, one-third on each side (see drawing No. 2F Stage III. Secondary delay. 10 days later. The final one-third is divided. Stage IV. Three weeks following the secondary delay, the remainder of the flap is elevated, defatted and inset using the pattern in the closure.

2G). 2H). 2H next Chapter Nine: THE OPEN ABDOMINAL FLAP EXAMPLES OF HAND RECONSTRUCTION USING OPEN DIRECT FLAPS Case No. 3: This case is an example of the exaggerated, relatively deep W incisions that were used on my later flaps. Besides allowing more flexibility, these deep W edges provide increased length for additional capillary bridging and therefore better blood supply in the flap. While not the case in this particular flap, I believe that this allows more tissue with better blood supply to be carried if needed for additional areas to be covered in later procedures.

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