Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vol. 58 by Alan R. Katritzky

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By Alan R. Katritzky

This quantity is split into six chapters, describing radical cyclization routes to pyrrolidines, and illustrating the various major contemporary advances that have arisen from the applying of radical chemistry to heterocycles. chapters care for the expanding impression in heterocyclic chemistry of surprising heteroatoms to start with: surveying the chemistry of tellurium containing heterocycles with heteroatoms; secondly: summarizing the impression of metals at the reactivity of heterocyclic ligands. The chemistry of hugely electron poor nitrogen heterocycles containing carbonyl teams is roofed and the ultimate chapters either take care of features of the electrophilic substitution of heterocycles.

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The only known derivatives of benzoisotellurazole are the N-aryl- and N-methylbenzoisotellurazolium salts 8 and 9. The synthesis of 8 has been accomplished upon treatment of the easily accessible 2-chlorotellurenylbenzalanilines with an equimolar amount of AgCIO, [88KGS 1426; 90JOM(391)179; 91JOM(402)331]. The yields of this reaction are in the range 65-84%, and thus higher than those for the sulfur and selenium analogs of 8. Sec. B] 53 Te-CONTAINING HETEROCYCLES N-Methylisobenzotellurazolium iodide 9 is readily formed when 7 is heated with methyl iodide under conditions similar to those for benzoisothiazole and benzoisoselenazole (78JHC865).

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