Afterlife, Edition: 1ST by Colin Wilson

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By Colin Wilson

Is the near-death event a safety mechanism of the mind or have humans really been at the threshold of one other international? Colin Wilson assesses the proof that includies mediumship, paranormal task, spirit sightings, and spirit communications. principally, he contains the awesome case histories of people that declare to have "died, " and pronounced their stories of the afterlife.

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Think of all the horrors that human beings have committed on one another … Surely if our world is the outcome of deliberate purpose, the purpose must have been that of a fiend? These last arguments are actually as emotional and illogical as those Russell attributes to the Bishop. The heart of his argument lies in his assertion that a person is simply a series of mental occurrences and habits. And my own experience contradicts this. I feel a strong conviction that the being who looks out from behind my eyes is the same person as the baby who opened his eyes on the world fifty-odd years ago.

The ghost of the chimneysweep Samuel Bull. ‘Death is the end of all’. The red pyjamas case. Jung: ‘… the spirit hypothesis yields better results than any other’. 5: Rediscovering a Masterpiece Sarah Hall sees her own ghost. The problem of the ‘psychic double’. Goethe sees his ‘doppelgänger’. Myers’s Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death: ‘probably the most comprehensive work ever written on the subject of the paranormal’. A German vampire. Multiple personality. The case of Louis Vivé.

They assumed — understandably — that these were the voices of the gods — or of God — and this is why people in the Old Testament or the Iliad are always being told what to do by divine voices … This particular aspect of Jaynes’s theory is irrelevant to our present discussion; all that concerns us here is his belief that ‘voices’ originate in the right brain, and that men have been hearing them since the beginning of human history. If that is correct, it certainly offers a plausible explanation for the voice of Sarah’s grandmother and Susan’s father and Art’s mother — in fact, in the latter case, it sounds far more convincing than the notion that a living woman in Detroit could somehow ‘get inside’ her son’s head in distant Toronto.

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