Alien Dawn: A Classic Investigation into the Contact by Colin Wilson

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By Colin Wilson

In this vintage publication on UFOs, bestselling writer Colin Wilson, a well known authority at the paranormal, examines the facts and develops a definitive idea of the alien touch phenomenon.

Alien Dawn covers Wilson's research into documented proof of odd and unexplained phenomena, together with UFOs, poltergeists, historic folklore, time slips, out-of-body reviews, mystical understanding, and psychic trip to different worlds. the end result: a desirable and encyclopedic examine of the advanced nature of fact. this can be the most entire explorations of the topic undertaken, with conclusions guaranteed to surprise the reader, no matter if believer or skeptic.

Features a brand new advent via the writer.

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There were unanswered questions, but science was busy looking for the answers . . And suddenly, I was confronting a question that had no answer. It was as if the ground beneath my feet had collapsed. I left the class that day with a sense of dizziness, and a deep-seated fear, as if some terrible disaster had occurred. It was suddenly horribly clear to me that the apparently solid, normal world around us was a very thin facade, and that what lay behind it might be very disquieting indeed. We had no idea of who we were or where we came from or where we were going.

These, it seemed to me, are the really interesting questions: how we could raise the intensity of consciousness, how we could cease to be what Nietzsche called ‘human, all too human’. It seemed obvious that the feeling of happiness and expectation is a state of mind, which has nothing to do with the actual circumstances of our lives. You could feel it as easily in a rubbish tip as standing on top of Mount Everest. In that case the great riddle lay inside us, not in what happens around us. All of which explains why I was totally uninterested in news items about flying saucers.

It was not a subject that interested me deeply, for although I had read books on spiritualism and hauntings in my childhood, a subsequent passion for science had made me decide it was all nonsense and wishful thinking. Nevertheless, I accepted the commission to keep my bank manager happy, convinced that it would involve telling absurd tales of ghosts with their heads underneath their arms, and prepared to write with my tongue in my cheek. In fact, the subject soon had me fascinated. My wife, Joy, happened to be reading Osbert Sitwells’ autobiography Left Hand, Right Hand, which described how, just before the beginning of the First World War, he and a group of brother officers had gone to visit a celebrated palmist.

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