Anathema of Zos by Austin Osman Spare

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By Austin Osman Spare

The final occult writing of Austin Osman Spare, the founding father of Sigil Magic.

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Mercury is found in silver, pearl-like droplets in rocks and is extracted by smelting cinnabar, and sulphur can be found in its natural state in volcanoes. 3 The quest of the alchemist was to find the original prima materia, the pure form of mercury, the original water of creation, which could be obtained by removing from mercury all impure sulphur. This pure mercury was believed to be the one unchanging substance that was the origin of all life, the manifestation of God in matter which constituted the philosopher’s stone.

73 Although Arnold had no known connections with the English court, such links did exist with the medical school of Montpellier where he lectured. A number of physicians and pharmacists from Montpellier were at the English court including Pietro of Montpellier in 1316; and Odin the pharmacist of Queen Isabella (1328–30). 74 Fabri’s reference to Raymond Lull’s presence at Edward III’s court derives from the legend that the king imprisoned the Majorcan alchemist in the Tower until he transmuted gold nobles, and from the large number of anonymous alchemical texts attributed to Lull after 1383.

29 Abu Ali ibn Sina (980–c. 1036) known in the West as Avicenna, was a physician and commentator on Aristotle whose canon of medical writings became one of the great authorities of the Middle Ages. But Avicenna also had alchemical treatises ascribed to him. The other most influential Islamic alchemical works of the late Middle Ages were of mythic origins. ’ This text, the Mosaic tablet for medieval alchemists, was believed to have been found in the hands of Hermes Trismegistus in his tomb in the Great Pyramid of Cheops by the conqueror of Egypt, Alexander the Great.

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