Another Door Opens by Wands, Jeffrey A. [Wands, Jeffrey A.]

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By Wands, Jeffrey A. [Wands, Jeffrey A.]

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It took a lot of bumping and nudging from the other side to get me to acknowledge my true purpose, but in the end, the decision was still mine to make. Once you understand that your life has a reason and a purpose, you’ll find it easier to tune in to the signs that let you know whether you’re headed in the right direction. Although it’s become a cliché to talk about how the tragedy of 9/11 acted as a wake-up call for people all over the world, I have to say that I think it was an event of such monumental impact that it’s actually helped us to evolve as souls.

Learn to appreciate the value of the gifts you’ve been given. Another thing that has made me more comfortable is my understanding that however much other people may want to think I control what happens in their lives, I really don’t. I don’t even control what comes into my own life by way of the messages I receive. And whatever I am able to tell my clients, they still are the ones who have to decide what they will do with the information. I don’t know what the message is going to mean to the person receiving it, and sometimes I don’t even understand the meaning myself.

People almost always come to me when they’re in trouble or in pain. If they’re perfectly happy with the way their lives are going, they’re probably not in the frame of mind to start shaking things up by consulting a psychic. To do my job — and I have to keep remembering that it is a job — I need to keep my emotions in check because emotions create a kind of barrier that prevents me from receiving the communications that dead people want me to pass on. Sometimes that’s not so easy because I actually feel everything that’s coming at me both from my client and from the spirit world.

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